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The Challenge

Smatrphones users are struggling with the problem of decreasing battery life and shortening time of mobile device usage through subsequent charging cycles. Real usage time of a mobile device that is charged in a traditional manner drops dramatically after several charging cycles, causing inconvenience and the need of more frequent charging. In addition, value of the device plunges at the time of its resale.

We wanted to to solve this issue in a comfortable and easy way for the user. Our team of developers and engineers worked through many ideas and solutions until finally …

The Challenge

The Solution

BatteryPal | The world’s most intelligent charging cable with an app to save your battery life-span. Save your battery from overheating and overcharging as well as give your battery optimal charge and de-charge cycles to maintain an optimum level that increases its lifetime.

We invented a smart charging cable equipped with Bluetooth and dedicated app, which by automating charging process and controlling the device temperature ensure optimum battery charging, thus preventing reduction of its life in subsequent cycles.

The Cable

The Cable

Carefully designed charging cable with a LED indicator which let know when charging of device is complete. The auto shut off feature disconnects the charger when the battery is charged to the optimal level, without unplugging it. Think of charging your smathphone in a car or at night – and you do not have to think about it anymore!

The cable is available with a MicroUSB, USB-C and Lightning tip option.

The Application

The application used synchronically with a cable or dongle allows for flexible configuration of charging parameters to suit user’s individual needs and to ensure control over battery parameters.

BatteryPal app include:
– upper & lower level of charging limits with three default modes
– upper & lower level alarms and notifications
– battery temperature indicators

– disable background apps option
– widget with main indicators

The application is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The Application

About Us

BatteryPal was established to create innovative products for smart charging solutions for mobile devices. Our primary goal is to provide solutions which, by ensuring longer battery life and improving its final condition, will increase convenience and extend usability of mobile devices, while minimizing disposal of used batteries for the benefit of the environment.

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